The 7 Ksours of Figuig

Leo Africanus described as forming “three castles in the desert”, the seven ksours Figuig, the colors of the earth, rising from earth to heaven. These palaces clay form clusters. The first group consists of ksour Laa Bidata Ksar, the Ksar Ksar Oulad Loudaghir and Slimane. The second, located further east, is composed of ksour Hammam Hammam and Fougani Tahtani. To the south, the Ksar Zenaga is last but not least because it covers half the city. There is barely a century in this country walled Berber, each Ksar was a social and political groups, sometimes ethnic, bound by common interests, habits and customs. Clashes between ksour were not uncommon, especially when it came to water.